Whilst planning a trip abroad, regardless of whether it is a simple pleasure trip, business trip, active recreation abroad or a permanent job abroad, it is important to protect yourself against any possible unplanned financial losses during such trips, which are mainly related to receiving medical services. It is not a secret that the cost of medical services is much higher abroad than we would normally pay for the same services in Latvia, therefore a sudden illness during a trip may leave a substantial “hole” in the person’s or family’s budget.

When you are purchasing a travel insurance policy, you can select an insurance programme which is the most suitable for the specifics of your trip. The basic insured cover of the policy is medical expenses, but, depending on the specifics of your travel, you can also select the additional reimbursable losses, e.g., an accident insurance cover for the events of death and disability, delayed, cancelled or missed flight covers, the damaged, delayed or lost luggage covers if you are planning to take a plane.

Depending on your expectations, it is possible to insure yourself against the following risks:

Medical expenses:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Medical transport;
  • Prescription drugs;
  • Dentistry expenses.


  • Patient’s repatriation to Latvia;
  • A funeral abroad;
  • Repatriation of remains.


  • In the event of death;
  • In the event of disability.

Luggage insurance:

  • Lost luggage during a travel;
  • Damaged luggage during a travel;
  • Delayed luggage during a travel;
  • Stolen luggage during a travel.


  • Cancelled;
  • Delayed;
  • Missed connecting flight;
  • Missed to arrive to the departure airport.

Interruption of a travel;
Civil liability;
Legal expenses;
Travel expenses for a relative.