SIA “Apdrosinasanas un Finansu Brokers” (AFB) has gained substantial experience in the provision of insurance brokerage services to state and municipal institutions since 1999. There are about 20 (twenty) state and municipal institutions, including two ministries of the Republic of Latvia, amongst our clients.

Services in the field of procurements:

  • The study of customers’ insurance needs;
  • The provision of consultations on the types and terms and conditions of insurance contracts;
  • The drawing up of the technical specification of a procurement within the time limit set;
  • The analysis of offers and the preparation of an opinion on the conformity of offers with the regulation and technical specification of the procurement;
  • The assessment and preparation of the necessary changes to the general and special terms and conditions of insurance contracts.

We have helped numerous state and municipal institutions to organise procurements of various degrees of complexity to purchase different types of insurance services, including health insurance, CASCO, OCTA, professional civil liability insurance, etc.

Source: The Association of Latvian Insurance Brokers ( The Association of Latvian Insurance Brokers (LABA) is certain that every client, who is working on the public procurement in insurance and who does not employee an insurance specialist, needs the help of an insurance broker in order to avoid wasting public money and purchasing an expensive and irrelevant insurance service.

Moreover, LABA is quite certain that it must be a compulsory requirement for all customers to use the services of an insurance broker in public procurements, if they do not have a qualified insurance specialist on their payroll. If a private sector entrepreneur, prior to purchasing an insurance policy, is able to talk things over with insurers, who would help him to define his needs and who would tell him about the new insurance products, then an institution or a company must not contact the potential bidders prior to the public insurance procurement, and their only possibility of defining their needs accurately and learning about the novelties in insurance, would be to employ an insurance specialist on a permanent basis, which is an expensive and useless process, or they can use the services of an insurance broker. A broker is the only insurance professional, who only acts in the interests of the customer and who does not represent an insurer.