A real property is one of the biggest purchases and investments one can make. It is also a huge investment to purchase a movable property – furniture, electrical machines, household appliances, clothes, fittings and other items of daily use. It is not relevant whether the property is inherited or you have saved money to purchase it or taken out a mortgage, what is important is its preservation. Purchasing a property insurance policy allows you to ensure that the material values you have accumulated or purchased during the course of time are not instantly lost and you don’t need to start saving to buy them again.

Property insurance allows you to protect yourself against a partial damage or a total loss of your movable or immovable property. Depending on your expectations and capabilities, you can protect yourself against the following risks:

Fire hazards:

  • Fire;
  • Explosion;
  • A stroke of lightening;
  • Being hit by an airplane or its parts.

Utility accidents:

  • Utility system accidents (water, steam leakage, freezing);
  • Utility system insurance.

Damage caused by natural disasters:

  • Storm;
  • Hail;
  • The weight of snow;
  • Flood;
  • Earthquake.

An unlawful activity of third persons:

  • A theft with breaking into the property and robbery;
  • Vandalism;
  • Being hit by a vehicle.

The fallen trees, masts, poles – it provides the indemnity payment if the object has fallen down on the insured property not as a result of a storm.

Flooding – the leakage of water or steam in the insured property caused by the insurance holder due to his/ her slight negligence.

Electronic risks – damage to the movable property caused by a voltage fluctuation. An indirect stroke of lightening.

Replacement housing – in the case of an insurance event, if the damaged property becomes uninhabitable for more than 50%, the rent of a temporary housing is provided.

Key service – it covers the replacement of locks, repairs and the cost of opening a door, when the key is lost.

Rescue and cleaning expenses – it covers the losses related to the cleaning work carried out in the damaged property and the cost of the rescue of the damaged property.

The insured real property may be:

  • All types of buildings (inhabited, uninhabited, parts of a building, row houses, household buildings, summer cottages, saunas, etc.)
  • Flats (inhabited, uninhabited, duplex apartments, mansard-type flats, etc.);
  • Improvement constructions (fences, outhouses, barriers, lights, flag poles, etc.);
  • Maintenance investment (external and internal finish of buildings, engineering communications)