SIA “Apdrosinasanas un Finansu brokers” (AFB) is an independent, professional consultant on all types of insurance matters that acts in the interests of a customer from the moment of an idea about the need of an insurance policy to the end of the validity of the signed insurance contract.

A bundle of services provided to a Customer:

  • The audit and analysis of the present insurance policies;
  • Recommendations regarding the required types of insurance;
  • The analysis of offers given by insurance companies;
  • Drawing up of an insurance contract at the client’s choice;
  • The application of relevant terms and conditions of an insurance policy;
  • The development of optimal prices;
  • The efficient and qualitative administration of insurance indemnities.

Services provided during the period of an insurance contract (monitoring of the client’s insurance contract):

  • The provision of all required consultations during the validity period of your insurance contract;
  • The processing of all changes and corrections to the insurance contract;
  • The notification of recurrent insurance premium payments;
  • The notification regarding the necessity to extend your insurance policy;
  • etc.

Services related to the administration of insurance indemnities:

AFB represents the interests of a Customer on the matters regarding the payment of insurance indemnities, providing professional representation of the Customer’s interests.

  • The provision of required consultations on the matters of insurance indemnities, including in the case of an insurance event;
  • The representation of customer’s interests and the exchange of documents with the insurance company;
  • The involvement of a certified technical expert (in cooperation with the associated company SIA “EXPLAIN” (Explain Expert)) to tackle the indemnity related matters;

Services in the field of procurements:

  • The study of customers’ insurance needs;
  • The provision of consultations on the types and terms and conditions of insurance contracts;
  • The drawing up of the technical specification of a procurement within the time limit set;
  • The analysis of offers and the preparation of an opinion on the conformity of offers with the regulation and technical specification of the procurement;
  • The assessment and preparation of the necessary changes to the general and special terms and conditions of insurance contracts.

Our services to the clients of SIA “Apdrosinasanas un finansu brokers” (AFB) are free. They are paid by insurance companies.

It is complicated and time-consuming to find a good insurance service for clients who do not deal with insurance questions on daily basis. Currently there are over 14 licences insurance companies and 11 branches of foreign insurance companies in Latvia. If you have entered into an insurance contract independently, your connection with the specific conditions of the insurance market does not end there – you can expect labour- and time-consuming procedures to claim an insurance indemnity in the case of an insurance event. You will need to go through the lengthy terms and conditions of your insurance contract and the included exceptions in order to understand what to do and what insurance indemnity you are entitled to. If any document you submit to the insurer is not drawn up correctly or properly according to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract, the insurer can refuse to pay out the indemnity. It is worth noting that every year tenths of claims against insurers for the payment of indemnity are brought to court.

Scheme, demonstrating the advantage of using the services of an insurance broker  (Source:

Customer complaints are examined pursuant to Section 29 of the Activities of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries Law ( A written reply to a customer’s complaint is provided within one month from the date of submission of a complaint.

Customer complaint examination procedure